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Character Of Sarah Michelle Gellar in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer":

Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the cool, hard-hitting vampire slayer on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Her character started out as your average California teenager, then she found out that she was the Slayer. She didn't agree with the idea at all. After she fi nally accepted it, she fought vampires, and later ended up burning the school gym down. Of course, it was filled with vampires.

She was expelled and sent to Sunnydale, which just so happens to be the mouth of Hell. There she finally choose to accept who she was and to fight vampires. She did happen to meet some new friends that liked the idea that she was the slayer and they got i nto the gig. Willow, the computer nerd, and Xander, the shy, but adorable guy help her out whether she likes it or not.

Her character is very reluctant to take on the responsiblities of the slayer, but has found out through the past that she has no other choice. Living probally the hardest life there is to live, Buffy must face high school trama, keep her slaying a secret from her mom, try to keep a social status, and deal with her slayer problems. She recently took her relationship with Angel (the good vampire) to a new level and his soul was lost. Now, he became a bad vampire and made it his number one goal to kill Buffy bit by bit starting with her friends and family.

Now, all I can say is "Can this girl's life get any harder?" In the episode "Becoming", Buffy was kicked out of the house after telling her mom she was a slayer. She was expelled from school after being found at the Kendra's murder scene and then resisting arrest (Snyder just wanted her out of the school whether she did anything or not) and then after reuniting with her love "Angel" for a brief moment, she had to kill him and send him to hell. Finally, she left town, leaving her mom a note and saying nothing to any of her friends.

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