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English Name: Vivian Chow
Chinese Romanized Name: Chow Wai Man
Chinese Name:
Born: 20 Nov 1967
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Chinese Zodiac: Ram
Height: 168 cm (5'6")
Weight: 51.5 kg (113 lbs)
Family: Mother only
Favorite sport: Basketball
Favorite foods: Everything, except beef
Favorite beverage: Coca-Cola
Favorite colors: Black, white
Favorite jewelry: Rings, earrings
Favorite saying: Really?
Goal: To travel around the world
Works for: Polygram Music Company
Total albums recorded: (11)Cantonese, (6)Mandarin, and (1)Japanese

Vivian Chow (Cantonese: Chow Wai Man) was born on 1967 November 20 in Hong Kong. Her first job in the entertainment industry was in 1987 for Radio and TV Hong Kong. She recorded her first album as d.j., and with the success of that album, she decided to pursue a career in singing. Lucky for us! She has also acted in several TV series and movies in Hong Kong. As sweet as her voice was in singing, and as photogenic as she was on film, she did not really enjoy fame until she became a pin-up idol for Yes! magazine. The merchandising that she was involved in was basically like baseball cards. Her portrait would grace such trading cards. This literally made carrying around pictures of her possible. As a result, her idol cards started selling like wildfire. Soon after, other pop stars began doing the same, thus introducing a new aspect of the entertainment industry to China -- trading cards for the pop stars! In 1992, she again led the field by releasing her first commercially available photo album called Dreams. Talk about getting gold treasure! Pictures and pictures of nothing but her. After seeing the success that Vivian was having, other pop stars released photo albums of their own. Vivian is talented at singing in many languages. In 1993, she released her first Mandarin album called Rumours. Her lovely voiced charmed the masses, and she quickly became a success in the Taiwanese market also. In 1995, she released her first album (single) in Japanese, A Wakeful Night. She can also sing in English, but has yet to release an all-English album. Although only 5'6", she really loves to play basketball. But in Hong Kong, I guess she doesn't have to worry about being overrun by really tall people! She loves all kinds of food except beef. With this kind of menu, one would not expect her to weigh only 113 pounds. To help swallow everything down, she drinks her favorite soda pop, Coca-Cola. Maybe all this caffeine helps her stay awake, since she only gets 4-5 hours of sleep a night. She loves to wear any jewelry with rings in them. She does not wear any rings on her belly button, but we do not really know for sure, since she hates to wear revealing clothing, especially those which show off her belly button. She also loves to play the piano. Vivian also prefers to do her own make-up, even for photo shoots or public appearances (kind of like the actor Jackie Chan who prefers to do his own stunts -- and it seems in some cases, likes to choose his own wardrobe!). She said herself that she is just too impatient to sit still for several hours while someone else puts make-up on her. Vivian Chow has become very popular since her first appearance in the TVB's Singers Contest in 1985. But all this fame has not changed her. Just like the protagonist in many Hong Kong action films, she remains true to her principles despite outside pressure. Many pop stars today have changed their images to attract more publicity, but Vivian remains as honest and hard-working as she was when she first gained public attention. She prefers to be judged by her ability to perform as a singer/actress rather than her ability to impress. As she thoughtfully put it: "I seldom change my image. My change is in my personality, and my image will change with that."

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