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How Do I Back Up My Contact List?

To back up your existing ICQ # along with your contact list:
  1. Find your ICQ directory (usually under Program Files).
  2. Locate directory 'db' in your ICQ folder
  3. Save it on a diskette and don't let it out of your sight!
  4. Now you can take the diskette with you and use it at any work station after you download ICQ. Follow the below instructions:
When you want to take your contact list with you or if it needs to be reconstructed:
You can only copy your contact list (db) to the same ICQ# either at the same computer you have been working on if you have downloaded a new version of ICQ, or to a different computer if you have changed workstations, but always to the same ICQ#.
  1. Install ICQ to the computer you wish to work on.
  2. Shut down ICQ.
  3. Copy your old 'db' directory (from the diskette). over the existing directory.
  4. Open ICQ.
! The contact list exists on your hard drive only and there is no backup on our servers.
To copy your address book from one ICQ# to another:
  1. Click the ICQ menu/button and choose Address Book.
  2. Click File and choose Export Address Book and save to a diskette to move computers. or to a directory to keep it on the computer.
  3. Open second ICQ# and click the ICQ menu/button and choose Address Book.
  4. Click File and select Import Address Book.
  5. Locate the directory or diskette you saved the it to and find the Address Book and click it.
  6. Click on each name to request authorization again from those who require it.

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